Candy Mountain Academy — wrapping up week 2

The imposing figure of Samuel Johnson keeps popping up in my (and my children’s) reading lives these days.  A few months back I was pre-reading a book assigned for C-Bear’s grade 10 year called A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland by James Boswell.  The book chronicles an excursion from “London to Land’s End” (as Johnson … Continue reading Candy Mountain Academy — wrapping up week 2

Getting Back on Track

I’m only a month behind schedule with this hymn study guide, but considering what our family has been up to the last while, I’d have to say I’m not feeling too badly about that. It has been a busy season! After PJ returned from being away for thirteen weeks last fall, we moved from Prince … Continue reading Getting Back on Track

2022 Weekly Family Calendar

Finally I found a free moment to update the weekly family calendar for 2022! Our family is in the process of an interprovincial move…made even less fun by the biggest snow storm of the season, not to mention covid regulations and restrictions! Anyway, here you have it — a great calendar for putting up on … Continue reading 2022 Weekly Family Calendar

I like the fall…

It’s a hazelnut americano kind of day today. And, boy, does it smell good! The americano, I mean. Not the day. Do November days have a smell? I know damp October ones do, but most of that odorous decomposing matter seems fairly decomposed by this point in November. This Remembrance Day has been a welcome … Continue reading I like the fall…

Hymn Study Help

I am super excited to share a new resource with you today that I’ve been working on. Singing has been a daily part of our homeschool Morning Time (the start to our daily learning that we do all together as a family, usually during breakfast). We alternate between hymns and folk songs, singing one each … Continue reading Hymn Study Help