God’s Purpose in the Impossible

In October I had the opportunity to share at a women’s conference called Encounters with Jesus, sponsored by Well Christian Woman. It was a message God had given me one morning months earlier as I read and meditated on the familiar story of the Rich Young Ruler’s face to face encounter with Jesus. One point after another seemed to leap off the page, and I wondered what God intended for me to do with it. Being married to a preacher, I know that preparing a message can sometimes be a hair-pulling, teeth-pulling kind of exercise, but the fact that this one came so quickly was a source of comfort and confirmation as the date loomed ever closer and I began to question my sanity for saying “yes”. I mean, put me at a keyboard and let me sing somebody else’s words…or let me preach with my pen…but speaking a word? That was uncharted territory for me. I’m sharing this here on the blog today in case this message of hope is something you may need to hear over this holiday weekend. Nothing can erase God’s love for you, my friend. Nothing! And He does have a purpose for that impossible thing you are facing right now. May you encounter Jesus in a life-giving, life-changing way this Christmas!

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