Book of Centuries

This is printed single sided so the left hand side of each two page spread is left blank for sketching. Print on a nice thick paper so the sketches won’t bleed through and bind into a beautiful book of centuries for your student!

Weekly Family Calendar

This is a great calendar for putting up on the fridge (or some other visible spot) each week. Keep track of each family member’s appointments. Make a note of urgent “to do’s” in the Notes section. There is even a 2021 whole year at a glance calendar. I designed this for our family of six, but you could easily use any unused columns for that week’s meals, etc. if you don’t have six names to put across the top!

Manuscript Copywork

You’ll find 36 weeks worth of copywork sheets here. There are likely more selections for each week than you’d ever use so feel free to pick and choose. Selections are from Ambleside Online’s year 1 reading list.

Cursive Copywork

Here are 36 weeks worth of copywork in cursive. Selections are mostly from Ambleside Online’s year 3 reading list.