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Thy Will Be Done

(Trying something new today. This is a video I recorded near the end of the summer for this post. I’m sorry for the overexposure; it was very sunny. But maybe on this grey November day there’s no need to apologize for that! If you enjoy READING my posts, scroll down for the printed article. If…

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Abide & Be Fruitful

“What regrets would you have if you died tomorrow?” my devotional guide asked me. I’m sure this reflection question was meant to spur healthy contemplation and helpful goal setting, but instead it caused a rising wave of panic inside of me. The empty lines beneath this writing prompt met my middle-aged eyes looking as blank…

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Where Your Greatest Gift Could Be Hiding

With every turn, my GPS is taking me further from the highway, bouncing over ever-increasing potholes. I’m now navigating backroads in a corner of my home province that I’ve never been to before, heading to a secluded beach house for a week-end retreat. I’m a bit nervous. What will this intimate gathering be like? How…

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The Beautiful Truth that Picture Perfect Hides

The following short story was recently selected as ”Story of the Week” in an online writing community I am part of. I thought it would be a good one to share here on the blog as we celebrate 23 years of marriage today! June 12, 1999 was an unusually hot day on our island.  Sweat tickled…

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