New Beginnings

Hi, friends! If you have followed My Peace in the Puzzle for any length of time, you’ll have noticed that I am writing less and less these days about my homeschooling and homemaking adventures. I’ve decided it’s time for an online makeover of sorts and a dedicated space for the faith-based articles I’ve been writing. For now, will … Continue reading New Beginnings

God’s Purpose in the Impossible

In October I had the opportunity to share at a women’s conference called Encounters with Jesus, sponsored by Well Christian Woman. It was a message God had given me one morning months earlier as I read and meditated on the familiar story of the Rich Young Ruler’s face to face encounter with Jesus. One point … Continue reading God’s Purpose in the Impossible

What Discouraged Parents Might Need to Hear from the Story of Samson

Have you ever read the story of Samson in the Bible? Even the parts that don’t make it into a Sunday School lesson? It’s rather appalling. I recently read through it, and there were some details in there I hadn’t noticed before. Or perhaps they were just so terrible I had conveniently forgotten them. As … Continue reading What Discouraged Parents Might Need to Hear from the Story of Samson

Thy Will Be Done

(Trying something new today. This is a video I recorded near the end of the summer for this post. I’m sorry for the overexposure; it was very sunny. But maybe on this grey November day there’s no need to apologize for that! If you enjoy READING my posts, scroll down for the printed article. If … Continue reading Thy Will Be Done

Abide & Be Fruitful

“What regrets would you have if you died tomorrow?” my devotional guide asked me. I’m sure this reflection question was meant to spur healthy contemplation and helpful goal setting, but instead it caused a rising wave of panic inside of me. The empty lines beneath this writing prompt met my middle-aged eyes looking as blank … Continue reading Abide & Be Fruitful