Tidbits from Week 7

~ I ~

This week began with celebrating Thanksgiving. There is nothing like a turkey dinner with all the fixins! And there is something so special about the way individual families enjoy this meal together. I know it never tastes as good at my house as it does at my mom and stepdad’s place! All those past Thanksgivings…all those years of eating turkey dinners growing up at home…now after just one bite, those flavours transport me back in time.

~ II ~

On Tuesday, one of the girls’ favourite weekly activities started up again. It was their first recorder lesson of the year. This is something looked forward to by all of us each week. C-Bear and Boo take lessons with a group of other homeschooled children from a kind and gracious retired teacher. Belle, Little Mister, and I visit with other moms and younger siblings over snacks during the lesson. I find this time of connecting is just as valuable for me as it is for the kids!

~ III ~

A couple of weeks ago, PJ came down with a sore throat and cough. This bug has been making the rounds through the household this week. I seem to be hit harder with it than the kids, but it could just be the insanity of preparing and packing for two weeks of vacation on top of trying to do school that’s catching up with me. Wednesday was a particularly bad day. Colds and crankiness abounded in the ranks, and school was a challenge to say the least. In hindsight, we should have taken a “sick” day, but we persisted and survived to enjoy ice cream sundaes for supper. Yes, ice cream for supper! I figured that would be a better memory for the kids than a day of discord! In my defence, I did make frozen yogurt in the Vita-mix with homemade yogurt and frozen cherries. Our chocolate sauce was just cocoa, coconut oil, and maple syrup. And we did put chopped banana and peanuts on top. Doesn’t that kinda make up for the mini-marshmallows and gummy candies?image

~ IV ~

Thursday was a smoother schooling experience for all. The kids always look forward to our art lesson on Thursdays so perhaps that kept them in a more cooperative mood that morning. Here’s a peek at this week’s project…watercolour fall leaves. There is a great instructional video here for this project. Boo was so cute as she commented on how neat it was that the pastels “resisted” the watercolour paint. I had to smile. That’s exactly what it’s called (watercolour resist technique), but I’m still not sure where she would have heard that terminology before. Leave it to Boo – she would only have to hear it said once to remember it.imageimage

~ V ~

So after packing and packing and packing some more, we are officially on vacation. I can hardly believe it has finally arrived! We are enjoying our time away immensely. We have entered a new phase of family travel, and let me just say IT IS GREAT! For the last decade I have travelled while pregnant or nursing or with a little baby in tow. This is our first family vacation where our “baby” is now on his feet, old enough to sleep in the kids’ bedroom, eat what we eat, play with his big sisters. What a difference! It’s still a lot of work to travel with four kids, but this is easier by far than it has been. It also helps that we have the world’s best little travellers. Yesterday, for our 12 hour car ride, there wasn’t a single complaint or argument in the backseat. We stopped for five minute potty breaks at four rest stops along the way so there was a lot of sitting still. Little Mister didn’t cry ONCE! I could hardly believe it. I guess it helps that I can now hand him snacks in the car without fearing too huge of a mess. And this – this is the icing on the cake – we didn’t turn the DVD player on once. Imagine that! They didn’t even ask for it.image image image

Right now, Mama is sitting poolside while Daddy and the kiddos enjoy a swim. Yes, you heard me correctly. My assistance is not needed in the water today which suits me just fine as I battle this cough and cold! For the first time, there is only one that needs Daddy within reach.

It’s these little blessings I am giving thanks for today because little as they are, they make a big difference!

7 thoughts on “Tidbits from Week 7

  1. Sigh. Your vaca looks and sounds wonderful! We’re trying to plan a getaway ourselves here in the next few weeks. My hubby works at a hotel and they will give him free rooms in the state once in a while. 🙂 He has a coupon for a hotel in Sturgeon Bay, WI! WOOHOO! 🙂

    I can’t believe (and am happy for you!) that your kids did so well on the ride!

    I love the “ice cream for supper” idea to boost morale. 🙂 You’re one smart Mama!


    1. I should amend this post to say that we’ve had lots of grumbles and sibling arguments since arriving at our destination! It is so great to get away though. It feels like it’s been way too long since we did. Free nights are always wonderful. We’re using a $250 travel certificate for this week…can’t beat 7 nights for that price (especially in a two bedroom, three bathroom condo type unit)! It’s the best way we have found to travel with this many kids. And we can cook our own meals so it’s not costing much more than it would be to be home this week. 🙂 Hope your family can get away soon. Family time is so important and fun.


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