From Settling to Savouring

It's no secret that our family loves to travel.  Our kids have seen more of the world than I ever did at their age. From road trips to cross country flights to cruises to Disney to the Holy Land, we've seen a lot together. I think it started way back in our early married life. … Continue reading From Settling to Savouring

Family Travels and Field Trips

~ I ~ Bermuda was awesome!  Loved the history, loved the people, loved the beauty of this place.     Our family had an amazing time of togetherness.  We were spoiled by our butler.  Every afternoon Belle would wonder aloud what "prizes" (surprises) he had left for us in our room.  We ate and ate and … Continue reading Family Travels and Field Trips

Tidbits from Week 7

~ I ~ This week began with celebrating Thanksgiving. There is nothing like a turkey dinner with all the fixins! And there is something so special about the way individual families enjoy this meal together. I know it never tastes as good at my house as it does at my mom and stepdad's place! All … Continue reading Tidbits from Week 7