The stiff, cool breeze on this cloudy day might fool you into thinking it’s any other season but summer, but I feel summer in my heart today!  We wrapped up the last bit of our official school year last Friday so this Monday morning was welcomed with a sigh of relief as I woke up without an alarm and actually lingered on the couch over a cup of coffee before scrambling the eggs!  The girls came sauntering out one at a time, sleeping until their bodies and minds told them they had rested enough.

Cuddles on the couch and heart-talks with our oldest (C-Bear) are not something routinely enjoyed on a busy Monday morning, but we did just that today.  Breakfast wasn’t on the table until after 8:30.  Gasp!    

The learning won’t stop altogether through the summer.  We love it too much to cut it off completely.  But summer learning won’t include checklists or book lists.  We’ll be unwinding instead of clocking-minding!   For example, this morning we still enjoyed our breakfast Bible lesson with Daddy and continued working our way through the 75 phonograms we are learning together.  The girls enjoyed coloring and drawing lupines in their nature journals.  Then it was off to the park for an hour of soccer before lunch (lunch being nothing more than a BIG snack in the car on the ride home from the park).    What a great first official day of summer vacation!  I’m craving those moments of asking myself, “What should I do next?  What do I feel like doing today?”…a luxury I haven’t experienced these many months of homeschooling where our days have been so necessarily scripted to fit together the learning, the extra-curricular activities, the commitments.  I didn’t realize how ready I was for summer in my heart!

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5 thoughts on “Summer is Here – in my heart at least!

  1. I hear you! I said in my days before homeschooling that I’d like to do year-round homeschooling. My dh reminded me of that last week. He said, “You’re having a break? Weren’t you going to homeschool year-round?” Hrmm. I told him that we were relaxing on some things, and turning to other things (more nature study, a few field trips). I also love to see what kind of learning happens when I’m not pushing it, what long-forgotten books and games come out again.

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    1. Exactly! It’s not that the learning stops…just that the pressure is off. And the delight can slip back into the foreground (where it belongs anyway). I think as moms we need the summer to reorient on the inside!


  2. Happy start to summer! The funny thing is that the lupines are almost gone here after months of blooming. 🙂 Happy to see some in the lovely drawing above!


    1. We are a couple of weeks behind in our growing season after a horrendous winter! How lovely to enjoy lupines for months. Our variety only lasts a few weeks. They are one of my favorite parts of June I think!


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