My very favourite place to be this time of the year is in the woods!  We love our fall nature walks. The colours are brilliant, the air is crisp and cool, and most importantly the mosquitoes are no longer a nuisance!  What more could a girl ask for?  Yesterday, we had a limited amount of free time.  We had to decide between running a few errands around town or getting out of town for a hike.  No brainer!  I’m glad we left the errands for today. 🙂

My memory captured snippets of conversation as the camera captured the beauty of this place… 

 Boo: I saw a water bug.

Belle: What’s a water bug?

Boo: They can walk on the surface of the water.

Belle: Oh, Jesus can do that!
Boo: This is like a whole world of nature!

: Just think – the Garden of Eden would’ve been even more beautiful than this!
PJ: It’s hard to imagine that at one time this is what the whole island would’ve been like.

Mama: Oh, girls, when I’m 85, please promise me you’ll find a way to get me to places like this!
Boo: I wish I had my watercolours!

Mama: What would you paint, Boo?

Boo: The WHOLE river!!

C-Bear: What’s that over there?

Mama: Daddy says it must be a gravel pit of some sort.

C-Bear: Maybe “It” lives there…you know from “Five Children and It”?

Boo: My ankles are starting to hurt.

Mama: Yeah, my hip is a little sore.

Belle: I’m not tired.  I never get tired.  I could walk ALL day!  I never get tired! (Guess who fell asleep in the car??) 

Mama: That’s a sound I could sit and listen to all day!  (the gentle gurgling, flowing river)

PJ: It’s nice, but I’d need a bathroom right beside me!

Mama: Girls.  Girls.  Where are you?  Wait up!

Boo: Oh, but I like it up there…where there’s no adults talking.  (Ouch)
Mama: I was a little cold when we first started our hike, but I’m just right now.

PJ: I’m okay.  I have a hot water bottle strapped to my back.  (What we didn’t know until we got back to the car was that the “hot water bottle” had “leaked” all over Daddy’s back!)

5 thoughts on “In the Woods

    1. It’s priceless! I had to will myself to remember the bits I did…but there’s always so much of what my kids say that I forget. I’m sure they will love these tidbits when they get older. 🙂


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