I am super excited to share a new resource with you today that I’ve been working on. Singing has been a daily part of our homeschool Morning Time (the start to our daily learning that we do all together as a family, usually during breakfast). We alternate between hymns and folk songs, singing one each morning. About five years ago, while on vacation in New Hampshire, I remember dreaming up this crazy idea of how I would create something to help other homeschool moms implement hymn singing in their Morning Time. Not all homeschool moms grew up singing hymns or feel confident enough in their singing voice to teach them to their children. I brainstormed ideas. Would it be YouTube videos? a podcast? a printed study guide? Five years ago though I didn’t have the equipment that would make the audio component easily doable, and my idea died before anything came of it.

Then a couple of weeks ago a good friend who was putting together some Morning Time plans for Pentecost asked me if I would record the hymn for her that she was planning to use. She said she’d like to have an original mp3 file to include with her digital download instead of relying on unreliable internet links. As I was recording this Pentecost hymn for her project, my forgotten plans from years ago came back to mind. And guess what. I now do have the equipment I need to do this! So with great excitement, let me introduce you to my new creative endeavour — Helping Hymns.

My vision for this project is to release one new hymn study as a digital download per month which will include an audio recording by yours truly, lyrics, sheet music, and suggestions for easy, meaningful weekly activities. As the library grows, previous study guides will be available to purchase for $4 each, and each month there will be a featured one available for free.

You can read more about it and find the very first edition of Helping Hymns HERE. Grab your complimentary download and give it a try in your Morning Time. I would love your feedback as I work on more hymn study guides to release in the near future.

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