I remember a tacky, pink notepad I had as a teenager that said “Everything’s coming up roses!” on the bottom of each tear away sheet.  Can’t you just hear Ethel Merman singing it now?  I really don’t know anything about that particular Broadway show (Gypsy: A Musical Fable), and that is actually the one and only line I can sing; but it’s one of those annoying tunes I can’t shut off once it starts in my brain.  Anyway, back to the notepad…I’m not sure what I used it for, but it must have been something important because I can remember every detail of it as if I were holding it in my hands even now.  Or maybe it just stands out in my mind’s eye because its rosy colour and snappy, happy message didn’t really jive with my melancholy self.  In fact, I don’t think I used it much at all come to think of it.  It was pretty, it was mine; but I could never figure out just what to do with it because it didn’t suit me.  Kinda like that unflattering piece of clothing you hold onto just in case it will match something, someday that you’ll add to your wardrobe.  Well, for the record, today I had one of those “everything’s coming up roses” kinda days.  And this glass half-empty girl is gonna take note and rejoice!  

After some squabbles and bad attitudes yesterday, I was a bit unsure about how things would go today…not to mention Wednesday is a jam-packed, crammed full Circle/Group/Morning Time day!  Looking over our Wednesday routine this morning during my quiet time, I was consciously telling myself to just relax.  My inner dialogue went something like this, “If we don’t get it all done today, we’ll find time another day.  Don’t sweat it.  Go with the flow.  Enjoy the kids.  Remember joy and peace and rest and delight.  Don’t get hung up on the perfect plan you want to execute.  Meet their needs.  Follow the Spirit’s leading today!”  But then God totally surprised me with the best Morning Time ever!  I love surprises like that.   

I strapped Little Mister into his high chair with some brand spankin’ new playdough, lit a candle in the centre of the table, and proceeded to do Memory Work, French, History, and Shakespeare…completely uninterrupted.  The older girls then read The Burgess Animal Book together (something reserved for what I like to call Semi-Circle Time…in that it only includes the two of them).  I still cannot believe we got through all of that without one tantrum or distraction from Little Mister or Belle.  

I think my big girls felt the same satisfaction as I did when later in the morning, while working on their independent work, they both commented aloud at different times, just out of the blue, “I love doing homeschool!”  Now that puts a smile on my mama face.  I will freely admit they each have their moments of frustration.  Some days it’s moment after moment after moment like that and nothing seems to come easily.  But overall, they are enthusiastic about their lessons.  I will make a mental note to enjoy that while it lasts.  There may be ages and stages to come where that enthusiasm will be a bit more difficult to detect.  Today, however, they quoted John 1:1-12 with gusto, had fun acting out their current French series, remembered details from our history reading that I didn’t even retain (and I was the one reading the chapter for Pete’s sake!), and were almost in tears over Othello’s plan to murder Desdemona.

Today I am giving thanks for the roses.  Tomorrow I might be face to face with thorns.  But if so, I pray I will accept the challenge to see God’s goodness despite the prickly things.  After all, the thorns are always there.  Might as well use them as a reminder that those roses will bloom from time to time! 

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