Finally got around to updating my weekly family calendar for 2016 today!  The updated weekly calendar (now featuring a 2016 year-at-a-glance calendar) is perfect for keeping track of activities for multiple family members.  I spend a few minutes at the beginning of the week penciling in everyone’s appointments and commitments and put it on the fridge where I’m sure to see it often.  We use electronic calendaring around here and sync everything between our phones, laptops, and iPads.  You’d think that’d be enough, eh?!  But I find it so helpful to actually take the time to write those important meetings and outings on paper and put it somewhere visible to all.   

click on image download
 ps – If you don’t have six family members, you could always use extra columns for meal planning or chore lists.  And if you have more than six family members, you could always combine “littles” in a column together (since they don’t usually have too many conflicting commitments). 🙂

Just click on the above image to download.  Happy scheduling!!

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