2022 Weekly Family Calendar

Finally I found a free moment to update the weekly family calendar for 2022! Our family is in the process of an interprovincial move…made even less fun by the biggest snow storm of the season, not to mention covid regulations and restrictions! Anyway, here you have it — a great calendar for putting up on … Continue reading 2022 Weekly Family Calendar

2020 Calendar Refresh

Well, we’re already a couple of weeks into 2020 so I guess I’m a bit behind with this post. But the weekly calendar has had a refresh and is ready for download. Our family is digitally inclined when it comes to our calendaring. That way we can easily share appointments and meetings with one another. … Continue reading 2020 Calendar Refresh

Weekly Family Calendar Update 

Finally got around to updating my weekly family calendar for 2016 today!  The updated weekly calendar (now featuring a 2016 year-at-a-glance calendar) is perfect for keeping track of activities for multiple family members.  I spend a few minutes at the beginning of the week penciling in everyone's appointments and commitments and put it on the … Continue reading Weekly Family Calendar Update