Well, we’re already a couple of weeks into 2020 so I guess I’m a bit behind with this post. But the weekly calendar has had a refresh and is ready for download.

Our family is digitally inclined when it comes to our calendaring. That way we can easily share appointments and meetings with one another. But every weekend I sit down and look at the upcoming week and fill in a hard copy of this weekly calendar to post on the fridge. I also include meals for the week. I’ve learned that I need both — the calendar on my phone that can travel everywhere with me AND this one page week-at-a-glance to keep me on track.

Every family member has their own column. I can jot down important reminders, tasks, or projects I’m working on that week in the “notes” section. And I find myself referring often to the year at a glance section to see exactly what day of the week an upcoming event or holiday will fall on.

There are six columns since there are six people in our house, but if you don’t need that many, you can use a column or two for other things like your weekly menu. If six isn’t enough for you, perhaps a couple of your “littles” (who don’t yet have a very active social life) could double up.

If something like this would help keep your household in sync and keep your week on track, I’ve created a blank version you can freely download. Happy planning! And a belated happy new year!

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