If you knew me, you’d know how difficult it is to surprise me.  My husband has given up trying to keep anything a secret because I am usually on to it in no time.  One evening he told me he had a surprise for me…something on DVD we could watch together.  Got it in one guess I did!  He couldn’t believe it.  I should have kept my trap shut in hindsight because I think it took the fun out of it for him.  Anyway, live and learn.  I really should have been a police detective.  But, alas, I am a hard working homeschooling momma and my sleuthing skills do come in handy from time to time (most recently in trying to figure out in the ins and outs of this WordPress blog!).

A few weeks ago my husband was away for work over Mother’s Day weekend.  I was feeling awfully sorry for myself.  It was the first Mother’s Day of my motherhood that PJ would not be with us.  It also happened to be the same weekend as a local homeschool conference that I really wanted to attend.  A very kind friend from church had generously offered earlier that week to babysit anytime, free of charge.  Well, I think she intended the offer to be cashed in for a date night, knowing PJ and I don’t get a lot of time alone together; but I figured I would see if she was available the first evening of the conference so I could attend.  She was.  She came.  My kids had a blast!  And I was one grateful mom.

Fast forward to Sunday morning around the breakfast table.  My heart was full from an encouraging, inspiring, convicting weekend at the homeschool conference, and my expectations for Mother’s Day were dutifully diminished.  I decided I would be happy if my girls even remembered it was Mother’s Day.  Well, imagine my surprise when C-Bear came out of her room with a big, beautifully decorated gift bag.  For me!  I couldn’t think who, how, why??  I was speechless.  Then I was crying by the time I saw what was inside and the kids told me what their babysitter had done with them on Friday evening.

I was so moved.  I felt so blessed.  And I kept thinking, “So this is what it feels like to be surprised!”

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