Term Turnover and Lots of Links

We're back at it.  Just completed week one of our second term.  After a three week Christmas break, week one had my head swimming.  Just exactly how did I manage to do the first term again?!  It's a shock to my system to jump back in. We did have a glorious Christmas though.  I was … Continue reading Term Turnover and Lots of Links

Learning to Draw Birds

We did something a bit different for nature study today.  Last week I followed a link (can't even remember where I saw it...maybe on the Ambleside Online forum) to a downloadable nature journaling curriculum from the California Native Plant Society.  Now you might be wondering why on earth someone living on the east coast of … Continue reading Learning to Draw Birds

Tidbits from Week 20

Back at it this week after a wonderful vacation.  Boy, it's hard to jump in full force after taking a week off of school.  It always seems like so much, such a heavy load, until you get back into the routine of it.  Routine and habits are powerful things!  They really boost productivity and efficiency, … Continue reading Tidbits from Week 20

New Year, New Term, New Things to Learn!

I just love a new year.  There is something so hopeful and motivating about a new beginning with new possibilities.  This week we dove into our first week of term two of our school year.  It was a good week.  Actually, it was a great week!  I want to be honest about that because I … Continue reading New Year, New Term, New Things to Learn!