When it’s time to settle, but you’re just not ready…when you cry for more cuddles, how can I say no?  How can I say no when your little head of fine blonde hair won’t nestle under my chin forever…when the soothing smacking of a pacifier won’t be heard for much longer under this roof?  Your chubby legs dangle, and I know they’ll reach the floor much sooner than I’d like!  Your warm hand presses your cheek as it has since you were in utero I’m sure.  It’s your sleepy signal.  There are tasks waiting for me, but I just can’t cheat you of your cuddles.  It would cheat my heart too of those few blissful moments in the day when you actually do want to sit still…in my lap!  

Your best friends across the street are moving in less than two weeks.  You had a good cry the night before last.  My mama heart is still crying for all three of you girls.  How can I say no to wrapping up school a bit early when there are literally just days left to play hard with the best neighbours you could ask for?  It has been such an unexpected blessing to have other homeschooled kids to play with every afternoon.  But I remind you it wasn’t something we sought out; it was a blessing God surprised us with.  And what’s to say He won’t surprise us again in any number of ways?  This is our chance to say thanks by trusting Him.  

I feel a bit like King Edward III when Queen Philippa fell at his feet, begging for the release of those six brave men from Calais.  Not that I’m intending to behead anyone (as was Edward’s intent)…there’s nothing quite as important at stake here…but like King Edward, I simply can’t refuse these noble requests of my loved ones.  I better not get into the habit of suppressing these nos; there’s too much chocolate in the cupboard that might find its way to my lips!

A happy weekend to you all!  Hope you each get to say yes to something that fills you and the ones you love with joy today!

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