Our Homeschool Experiment

imageThis is the tale of an unlikely homeschool family. “Unlikely” because I was one of those parents who said I would NEVER, EVER homeschool…no way, no how.  No way? Well, apparently I now know how to eat my words. Over the next little while I would like to share our homeschool adventures during this past year (first year) of homeschooling. Did I say “first” as in “there will be a second?” Yes!  Our experiment was a huge success. And by “success” I don’t mean easy! I think that’s part of what I want to share here, more for our own benefit as a family so we can remember all the valuable lessons learned this year. It has been tiring, challenging, all-consuming, exasperating, rewarding, exhilarating, joyous, tedious, tear-filled, fun-filled…just plain wonderful – the stuff adventures are made of!

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