Blogging – bragging, BS, or being honest?

Had an interesting discussion in our women’s Bible study this morning about “those” moms that blog. No, I didn’t admit to being one of them. I don’t really write for my “in person” friends. After all, they get to hear my opinions and witness my life journey firsthand…why would they need to read it in print too? Anyway, my friends’ pet peeve about blogging moms is one of mine too. Like any form of social media, we can craft and control what others see in our profiles and posts and pictures, and sometimes it can be downright deceiving, not to mention discouraging, for others who are reading about our seemingly picture perfect lives. I really hope my blog can be a place where I can share honestly about the ups and downs, the triumphs and the failures, the nailed its and the mess ups.

Don’t get me wrong…I will not use this piece of the blogging world to constantly complain about how horrible life is and to rant and rave about every detail of my day. Instead I will try to look to David’s psalms as a guide. Over and over in his psalms he starts out being brutally honest about how he feels and what he’s going through. But as he vents these things in his prayers, he always ends with reminding himself of God’s promises and His goodness and his own trust in these things. I guess that’s why I named this blog “My Peace in the Puzzle”. Even though I may stress out about my puzzles and problems, I want to always come back to my soul’s anchor of peace, even in the midst of my storms.

So, all you fellow mom bloggers out there, let’s remember that people cringe at our bragging and see through our BS…let’s just be honest!

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