Hidden Potential

Last winter I collected some twigs on a nature walk with the kids.  After a couple of weeks in water inside our balmy house, those twigs were fooled  into thinking spring had sprung, and the tight buds opened up.  Week after week the new growth inched out, spreading a cheery, leafy greeting that surprised us.  Who would have thought … Continue reading Hidden Potential

Good and Good for You

Have you ever heard someone joke about how much fun they’ll have in hell? “All my buddies will be there. We’ll just keep the party going!” they might say. I read a verse in Proverbs this week that cut to the heart of this thinking. The Lord will not let the righteous go hungry, but … Continue reading Good and Good for You

Willing to Be Blessed

One verse from Psalm 68 caught my attention this week. The whole psalm is a magnificent declaration of God’s strength and power over His enemies. But in the midst of this somewhat terrifying picture of God’s majesty, what caught my eye was the tender tone of verse 6 which reads: God provides homes for those … Continue reading Willing to Be Blessed

The Two Gifts We Need Most

A happy Mother’s Day to all you brave, beautiful moms! I hope your humans love on you extra well today. We are so thankful that restrictions have lifted enough here in the last few days that we can actually celebrate today with my Mom, together, in person, with hugs all around! And did I mention … Continue reading The Two Gifts We Need Most

Simple Faith in a Simple God

Have you ever had those moments when you let thoughts of God and His greatness overwhelm you?  Maybe on a starry night as you contemplate the vastness of His universe?  Or when your focus turns to the intricate workings of countless busy cells inside your body and you marvel at the wonder of life? When we think … Continue reading Simple Faith in a Simple God