Faithful Beyond Words

God has seemed rather silent this week in my quiet times.  It’s like that sometimes, isn’t it?  And sometimes I’m content to plod along with Him in a quiet camaraderie.  But His silence this week has been making me want something more, something deeper.   I’m a person of many words.  Even if they’re not coming out of my mouth, … Continue reading Faithful Beyond Words

On Fasting and Firm Footings

PJ and I have been participating in a Sugar Fast since the beginning of January. Not because we particularly had huge issues with sugar...well, actually the first couple of weeks were pretty brutal for me and my sweet tooth. It's not easy to say no to cookies and cake and pie and ice cream and … Continue reading On Fasting and Firm Footings

Get Up and Pray

Does anyone else get excited to start new routines in their spiritual life when a calendar year flips over?  I always look forward to switching things up in my quiet time routine.  I enjoy deciding how to tackle my Bible reading and praying for another twelve months.  Last year I opted to read through the … Continue reading Get Up and Pray

All the Boring Details and Then Some!

Disclaimer: This post includes all the boring details of our day and then some!  I write this for the benefit of my own family in years to come, so we can catch a glimpse of what our homeschool days were like when they are nothing but a distant memory.   I love reading posts on … Continue reading All the Boring Details and Then Some!