A Quiet Easter

It feels strange to be sitting here on the couch in my pyjamas on this beautiful Palm Sunday morning, knowing that I won’t journey through Holy Week with my church family...at least not in the way we are used to! As much as I love Christmas and all its traditions and celebrations, I will admit … Continue reading A Quiet Easter

Art and God and Details

After writing this, I feel mentally inebriated, worn out, like I’ve birthed something. So, I apologize for the lame title. I just don’t have any creativity left. I was gonna go with “God Is In the Details,” but however applicable, it seemed trite. It may not be incredibly polished or profound, but I’ll admit my … Continue reading Art and God and Details

Why This Is NOT the Time to Do School at Home

It’s no secret we home educate our children (even though I did wish I could do it “undercover” when I first started). And if you know me in person, you know how passionate I am about homeschooling and education and lifelong learning in general! I have shared things on Facebook to help families who are … Continue reading Why This Is NOT the Time to Do School at Home