The Power of “After” (when you’re still in the middle)

Have you ever had one of those dreams where your entire night is spent looking for something? The search is futile and frustrating. Sometimes I wake up from dreams like that with such a sense of sadness and loss. I was thinking about that this week in contrast to this promise the Lord gave to … Continue reading The Power of “After” (when you’re still in the middle)

Our Father’s World

Have you ever wondered why the Old Testament isn’t more explicit about the afterlife? I’ll admit it’s something that has always confused me. Ideas of heaven and hell seem absent, or vague at best, in the pages of Hebrew scripture. C. S. Lewis in his book Reflections on the Psalms has an interesting thought on … Continue reading Our Father’s World

Daring Desires

Last week we took a sweeping look at the grandeur of God. Today I want to zoom (anyone been using that word a lot lately?!) in on how personal He is. Do you know what He is after even more than your obedient sacrifices and perfect track records? Your heart! Those longings and desires deep … Continue reading Daring Desires

Simple Faith in a Simple God

Have you ever had those moments when you let thoughts of God and His greatness overwhelm you?  Maybe on a starry night as you contemplate the vastness of His universe?  Or when your focus turns to the intricate workings of countless busy cells inside your body and you marvel at the wonder of life? When we think … Continue reading Simple Faith in a Simple God

A Call to Worship & Attention

The Saviour of the World, in casual way,Drops words of our Salvation, links of chainLet down to draw us from that nether hellWhich is but our own self to itself left;“To believe is to be saved, but ye must will;”“I will,” we cry, and haste to make resolve,Spin ropes of sand can bear no work-day … Continue reading A Call to Worship & Attention