Getting Back on Track

I’m only a month behind schedule with this hymn study guide, but considering what our family has been up to the last while, I’d have to say I’m not feeling too badly about that. It has been a busy season! After PJ returned from being away for thirteen weeks last fall, we moved from Prince … Continue reading Getting Back on Track

No homeschool “recipe” works without this one ingredient!

Last week we read a story about a little boy who loved flowers. It was part of Belle’s assigned readings for AO year 3, which means I’ve read it before when my older girls were going through year 3. And I remembered that that very story had inspired me to write a blog post a … Continue reading No homeschool “recipe” works without this one ingredient!

2 years of free copywork? Yes, please!

Copywork plays a key role in Language Arts in our homeschool. You can read more about how we tackle this subject area here. Copywork accomplishes so much in such a simple way. Obviously, it provides practice in the basics of handwriting when a child is first starting formal lessons. But it also improves spelling and … Continue reading 2 years of free copywork? Yes, please!

Get Up and Pray

Does anyone else get excited to start new routines in their spiritual life when a calendar year flips over?  I always look forward to switching things up in my quiet time routine.  I enjoy deciding how to tackle my Bible reading and praying for another twelve months.  Last year I opted to read through the … Continue reading Get Up and Pray

Week 6 Wrap-Up

It's been a full week.  I cannot believe we are halfway through our first term (and 1/6th of the way through our learning year).  We had a beautiful nature walk on Monday afternoon, some downtown park play with friends on Thursday, and a nice long hangout with my lifelong bestie yesterday while her oldest daughter … Continue reading Week 6 Wrap-Up