Worship with Us – Jan. 17/16

Well, here’s something a bit different for the blog tonight…an overdue invitation to worship with us – last Sunday!

 Last Sunday PJ preached from a very challenging passage in Colossians (3:18-4:1).  He handled it beautifully, and I thought it would be worth sharing here to bless you.  Married, single, single again…whatever our situation, there is wisdom here for all of our relationships – romantic or not!  Here is “Rooted in Christ – Relationships”:

I love that definition of submit – a modest, cooperative attitude that puts others first.  What a beautiful, healing thing it would be to experience life in a community of people adopting such an attitude!  Maybe it’s akin to what David had in mind as he penned Psalm 133 (How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!

Lastly, here is a version of the song we closed with…a prayer for God to have His way in us every moment, with every breath…

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