Beach Evenings

We’ve all heard of “beach days”, but I must admit I prefer “beach evenings”…like this one…  My favourite time to visit the beach has got to be early evenings!  I’m not much for the heat of midday or having to slather on the sunscreen.  But an hour at the beach after supper, before bedtime is my cup ‘o tea!  And that’s just how we spent this lovely Sunday evening…the kids doing cartwheels on the sand, ooo-ing and ahh-ing over every rock, every shell, and dodging the many stranded jellyfish.  Little Mister doesn’t like the feel of the sand on his feet (yet!) so he spent the time in Mommy and Daddy’s arms, pointing at the waves and clapping his chubby little hands every time the surf came rolling in.        

Here are a few of the girls’ finds from tonight’s excursion.  Boo found a heart shaped sandstone and a “bead from a giant’s necklace” as she called it.    

The evening was topped off with a chat with friends who just happened to be evening beach goers too…the kind of friends who are more like family and flood your heart with memories ’til it just might burst from the joyous nostalgia.  Ahhhhhh, how I hated to leave! Do you have a favouritefamily memory-making place you hate to tear yourself away from?

2 thoughts on “Beach Evenings

  1. Beautiful post and pictures! Our family’s place (before) would’ve been Prince’s Island Park in Calgary. SO many memories of going there with Richard and the kids. The boys especially loved that place with Daddy. Here on the Island, Savage Harbor would be it, the first beach we “met” when we arrived two years ago. We could comb that beach all day. If only they had a washroom out there….;)


    1. Oh, that is a beautiful park in Calgary! That’s the one downtown on the river, right? I’m sure you will treasure those memories always! And I agree about the washrooms…very nice to have when you’re out with little ones! (To be honest, I appreciate it just as much as they do…haha!)


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