Advent — waiting in the wilderness

A voice of one crying out: Prepare the way of the Lord in the wilderness; make a straight highway for our God in the desert.Isaiah 40:3 (CSB) In whatever translation I read or heard this verse read as a child, I always thought it was the voice itself that was in the wilderness, calling out … Continue reading Advent — waiting in the wilderness

Hard Lessons Whispered to a Hard Head

God keeps circling me back to the topic of submission over and over and over again.  Maybe it’s because my INTJ self (sometimes known as the “architect” personality type) has a hard time with authority.  Being among the rarest personalities, and even rarer for a woman (only 0.8% of the population), it can feel a bit lonely … Continue reading Hard Lessons Whispered to a Hard Head

Willing to Be Blessed

One verse from Psalm 68 caught my attention this week. The whole psalm is a magnificent declaration of God’s strength and power over His enemies. But in the midst of this somewhat terrifying picture of God’s majesty, what caught my eye was the tender tone of verse 6 which reads: God provides homes for those … Continue reading Willing to Be Blessed

Daring Desires

Last week we took a sweeping look at the grandeur of God. Today I want to zoom (anyone been using that word a lot lately?!) in on how personal He is. Do you know what He is after even more than your obedient sacrifices and perfect track records? Your heart! Those longings and desires deep … Continue reading Daring Desires

Notes to Self from an Unexpected (and Horrific) Break Week

Dear Self, Here are a few things you must take note of.  The Lord has been good to you this week.  He has blessed you with down time to think and perceive and give thanks.  He has given you the opportunity to give and receive love in unusual ways.  Sickness and trials have a way … Continue reading Notes to Self from an Unexpected (and Horrific) Break Week