No homeschool “recipe” works without this one ingredient!

Last week we read a story about a little boy who loved flowers. It was part of Belle’s assigned readings for AO year 3, which means I’ve read it before when my older girls were going through year 3. And I remembered that that very story had inspired me to write a blog post a … Continue reading No homeschool “recipe” works without this one ingredient!

Summer Vacation ~ week 4 wrap-up

It's been a cold, wet week here, and a nasty infection has invaded our family.  Little Mister burst an ear drum over the weekend and has been on antibiotics ever since.  Next to succumb was Boo with a fever, sore throat, and upset tummy.  Now C-Bear is down for the count...and just two days before … Continue reading Summer Vacation ~ week 4 wrap-up

Summer Vacation – week 3

Still in summer vacation mode here.  This was the second week straight of Vacation Bible School for the girls.  I had big goals of getting everything planned and in place for the fall these last two weeks, but here it is Friday already and I'm not much further ahead than I was two weeks ago. … Continue reading Summer Vacation – week 3