Summer Vacation ~ week 4 wrap-up

It’s been a cold, wet week here, and a nasty infection has invaded our family.  Little Mister burst an ear drum over the weekend and has been on antibiotics ever since.  Next to succumb was Boo with a fever, sore throat, and upset tummy.  Now C-Bear is down for the count…and just two days before she is due to go to Bible camp (her favourite place on earth!).  Here’s hoping this bug is gone by Sunday afternoon!  Also hoping to maintain my immunity…at least until after I sing at a dear friend’s wedding tomorrow.

I’ve been taking advantage of our home-bound time this week to lay out our schedule for the fall.  Last year I could fit the whole week’s checklist on a two page spread, but with adding some new subjects for C-Bear and with Belle starting Kindergarten, I am needing a whole page for each day!  Here’s a sample of what I’ve come up with so far for Day 1 (which in our case is usually Monday)… 

Belle and I escaped the germs today for a few hours and spent some time shopping around town.  I am not a shopper, but I do have to admit it was a delight to spend the time with her, unhurriedly browsing together.  She was beyond excited to find a toy guitar at a local thrift shop.  She has been begging for one for weeks.  I am thinking I may regret this purchase (we are not usually fans of battery operated toys), but already it has brought hours of entertainment to both her and Little Mister, both of whom have music in their bones!  Not bad for $3.


I was excited to find a few books for the fall at another thrift shop.  Boo and I read the Peter Rabbit collection this past year for first grade.  I had downloaded them to the iPad, so when I saw these I just had to get them.  I figured with her reading having improved so much she would enjoy having the actual books to take to bed with her to read.  Sure enough she had two of them read a half hour after I returned home. 🙂

The nursery rhyme book is something I got for Boo to read with Belle this year.  I am planning to have Boo read something short and simple to Belle daily, rotating between picture books, fairy tales, Bible stories, nursery rhymes, and fables.  So I was also happy to find this book of fables by Arnold Lobel.  We LOVE his stories, and Boo read many of them as first grade readers last year, so this book will fit the fable category nicely for Belle and Boo to read together this year.
 And this one I can envision reading together as Christmas approaches.  I love this story, and the illustrations in this book are simple yet elegant.  

For those of you following AO’s rotations, you likely already have noticed that the nature study topic for first term next year is Reptiles.  I picked this book up to set out on our nature tray for first term.  I’m sure I’ll find some others from the library too.


That about wraps up our 4th week of summer vacation.  Linking up today at…  

3 thoughts on “Summer Vacation ~ week 4 wrap-up

  1. I hope all are well soon. It is hard when everyone is sick, especially just before a big event. You found some great books.
    Blessings, Dawn


  2. Sorry to hear you’ve been sick! Your reptiles book reminded me that we’ve had an excellent one from the library in the house: Slither and Crawl by Jim Arnosky. My boys love Arnosky’s books.

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