This Term’s Feast – Composer and Artist Study

Welcome back for #3 in our series “This Term’s Feast”.  So far we have looked at Memory Work and Singing.  This week it’s time to turn our attention to the fine arts.  Charlotte Mason said that… “much and varied humane … Continue reading

This Term’s Feast

I absolutely love Charlotte Mason’s analogy of a child being born with a mind ready and able to “digest” ideas just as his body naturally digests and is nourished by food.  Exposing children to these ideas that will nourish their … Continue reading

Dismounting My Charlotte Mason High Horse (behind the scenes at “my hows”)

Does this not look like the most regal dog on the planet?  Well, let me introduce you to Lancelot.  He is a monster…a nipping, barking, food stealing, garbage rummaging, pushy monster of a standard poodle who has been threatened with … Continue reading