Tidbits from Our Week of Rest

~ I ~ So it’s been quiet around here.  This past week was our “sabbath” week.  I just find I can’t push us past six solid weeks of school so we took this week off.  The week started out a … Continue reading

Family Travels and Field Trips

~ I ~ Bermuda was awesome!  Loved the history, loved the people, loved the beauty of this place.     Our family had an amazing time of togetherness.  We were spoiled by our butler.  Every afternoon Belle would wonder aloud what … Continue reading

Dismounting My Charlotte Mason High Horse (behind the scenes at “my hows”)

Does this not look like the most regal dog on the planet?  Well, let me introduce you to Lancelot.  He is a monster…a nipping, barking, food stealing, garbage rummaging, pushy monster of a standard poodle who has been threatened with … Continue reading