Candy Mountain Academy — wrapping up week 2

The imposing figure of Samuel Johnson keeps popping up in my (and my children’s) reading lives these days.  A few months back I was pre-reading a book assigned for C-Bear’s grade 10 year called A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland by James Boswell.  The book chronicles an excursion from “London to Land’s End” (as Johnson … Continue reading Candy Mountain Academy — wrapping up week 2

Frankenstein and Family

The night before last, one of my favourite evenings on the calendar rolled around. It was bookclub night! Book chat with my reading buddies and so much more. I even got to tickle the keys of a gorgeous 150 year old Blüthner grand piano from Germany. And did I mention there were puppies to cuddle? … Continue reading Frankenstein and Family

Week 8 (Half) Wrap-Up

Technically this is half a wrap-up since we didn't complete week 8 of our school work this week.  The girls went to spend a few nights with grandparents...something they are always excited to do!  But perhaps they did more work than I give them credit for.  I found these pages in the toy room yesterday. … Continue reading Week 8 (Half) Wrap-Up