A Long Vacation Post

Well, week #2 of our vacation has begun! We are now in Virginia (after an excruciatingly slow drive down I-95 on Saturday). We weren't sure why it was so stop-and-go, but apparently the traffic around here is like that 24/7. I guess you would get used to it if it was your reality, but...wow! I … Continue reading A Long Vacation Post

Week 5 Wrap-Up

I have been given a gift this afternoon - the gift of three hours of quiet.  PJ is going to be away all weekend so he graciously offered to take the kids out for a bit today.  So here I sit...no sound except the humming of the dishwasher, the spinning of the washing machine, and … Continue reading Week 5 Wrap-Up

Why Didn’t I Think of That Sooner?

You know those moments when something dawns on you and it is such a simple solution that you can't believe it didn't cross your mind before?  Well, I've had a couple of those moment this week...one in relation to Circle Time and the other concerning "free reads." I've mentioned here on the blog in the … Continue reading Why Didn’t I Think of That Sooner?

Tidbits from Week 5

Wrapping up week #5 here today.  I cannot believe we are almost half way through our first term!  We are slowly finding a flexible enough routine that works for us...I think.  Now I'm just beginning to wonder when I will ever have time to get term two planned and on paper?! ~ I ~ Monday, … Continue reading Tidbits from Week 5