Last week I was musing about wide-open eyes and the hope of limitless beauty. This week I was reading a poem about The Annunciation by Charlotte Mason that reminded me of how blind we can sometimes be. She highlighted the idea that we often forget the plain white light, shining all around us, actually holds every colour of the rainbow. We are blind to the colourful beauty until something breaks and bends and reflects those rays, letting the beautiful hues loose. Light-bending water droplets in the air give us rainbows. Dust particles make for magnificent sunsets!

As men walk roth by day, nor ever know
That all the air with colour is aglow,
Till here, black clouds, and there, a blushing rose
Lend surface, hues of beauty to disclose;—

“The rose is red,” then say they; “see the arc
The multi-coloured bow spreads o’er the dark
Rainclouds opposed to the sun!”  Nor recognise
That all the purple, crimson, orange dyes

Are held in the white light, till broken rays
Let loose on this or that the hues they praise.

from “The Annunciation” (The Saviour of the World Volume One) by Charlotte Mason

Did you know that the colour of an object is due to the particular wavelengths of light that it reflects? Any colour of any object you can think of…fish scales, flowers, trees, bird feathers, the beautiful diversity of human skin tones and eye colours. The white light just needs a surface to shine on, something, anything to reflect the rays of different colours.

What if we thought of God’s presence like that? Time after time in scripture God is associated with light. He turns darkness into light. He clothes Himself in light. His words give light to our path. The light of His face shines on us. Even the darkness is as light to Him. And then the coming Messiah is called a light to the nations. The Apostle John tells us that the life found in Christ is the light of all men, and Jesus calls Himself the Light of the world.

Like the light of our created world, God is here, all around us. But sometimes the easiest way to “see” Him is in the life of someone who provides a surface to reflect His “wavelength” to the world. I’ve known people like that. I want to be a person like that, to bend my life at just the right angle (or should I say, just the right attitude) to catch His shining presence.

I love the idea that it’s not me who does the shining. How many times have we been exhorted to “shine for Jesus”? But some days there’s not much in me that feels very “shiny”, and the thought of conjuring up a little light in the vast and pressing darkness is overwhelming. I’m taking comfort today that it’s God Himself who is the light. I am just a surface. My energy and focus should be directed toward keeping my heart in a humble posture before the brilliance of my Lord so He can be reflected to those around me who are desperate for a reminder of His presence and love and care. We live and move and have our being in God, but it’s so easy to be blind to the plain, white light of His presence. Our world needs to see all the dazzling beauty of Christ, all the breathtaking shades of His character. So, let’s ask God for eyes of faith to see the rainbow in the white light of His presence, and then go, REFLECT FOR JESUS today!

“This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light, and there is absolutely no darkness in him.”

I John 1:5 (CSB)

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