Good and Good for You

Have you ever heard someone joke about how much fun they’ll have in hell? “All my buddies will be there. We’ll just keep the party going!” they might say. I read a verse in Proverbs this week that cut to the heart of this thinking. The Lord will not let the righteous go hungry, but … Continue reading Good and Good for You

The Two Gifts We Need Most

A happy Mother’s Day to all you brave, beautiful moms! I hope your humans love on you extra well today. We are so thankful that restrictions have lifted enough here in the last few days that we can actually celebrate today with my Mom, together, in person, with hugs all around! And did I mention … Continue reading The Two Gifts We Need Most

God’s Thoughts

I just can’t stop thinking about thoughts these days. My previous post about the internal monologue has got me marvelling at the creative genius of God. I always knew people had different personalities, different perspectives, different experiences; but I never imagined something as automatic as conscious thought could be so vastly different from person to … Continue reading God’s Thoughts

From my mamma heart today…

At first I was angry, mamma bear angry.  How dare those young people with such questionable morals be entrusted with these kid!  But as I prayed, that anger turned to sadness, and it's a broken heart that drives me to pen these words today.  You see, I don't want to be the one who … Continue reading From my mamma heart today…