It Might Be Time for a Guar-ON-tee!

When I was a kid, my step-dad was pretty good at predicting when school would be cancelled because of a storm.  If it looked really promising, he would go so far as to give us the “guar-ON-tee”!  That was worth something.  That raised the anticipation and excitement to a whole new level.  I’m not sure there was ever any recompense if the guaranty failed; but I also can’t remember an instance when it did, so I guess it wasn’t too devastating.

Tonight, PJ came home from work announcing the big storm that’s predicted to begin overnight.  Being homeschooled, my kids don’t really understand the excitement of a snow day.  They don’t listen with their ear pressed to the radio, fingers crossed, waiting for the announcement from the school board.  And, of course, the ensuing happy dance is unknown to them.  We don’t miss a beat with our learning when there’s a big storm.  BUT…

There are still squeals of glee after a big snow.  Not because they get a day off school, but because there’s just something exciting about the storm itself and a fresh, thick blanket of snow to play in…ALL AFTERNOON!    And I have a feeling I’ll have a house full of very happy kids when they find out I have an episode of Star Wars they’ve been waiting to see. Thankfully it was there for me to pick up this evening on my weekly run to the library. We have been next in the queue for weeks and finally it’s our turn! Then as I stopped to pick up our weekly 6 litre supply of milk on the way home, I couldn’t resist a couple of bags of “storm chips”. It’s kind of a tradition in these parts…to stock up on munchies before a big storm. I suppose it’s really just an excuse to indulge in a treat. My question is: are they still “storm chips” if I ate a handful before it even started to snow?! Apparently I don’t need the excuse of a storm to indulge myself.

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