My Peace in the Puzzle

Welcome to my brand new blogging space! I am a pastor’s wife and mom to four beautiful children (and one excitable pup). My time is spent preparing and leading worship, reading and writing (not much arithmetic…unless you count budgeting and penny pinching trips to the grocery store), and making our house a home.

With a name that means peace you would think I’ve had this figured out from birth, but it’s always struck me as ironic how often I fall prey to anxiety and stress. Life is a puzzle, and I have yet to sense a real grasp on how God intends to weave these eclectic pieces into a discernible portrait, let alone a masterpiece! But I am hoping this blog will give me a space to process some of these experiences and mysteries that make up my life. Ultimately my peace is a Person…Jesus Christ. It’s to Him I bring each piece of me, and He alone deserves praise for any good that shines from my life. So, welcome! And peace to you in the name of Christ!

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