New Beginnings

Hi, friends! If you have followed My Peace in the Puzzle for any length of time, you’ll have noticed that I am writing less and less these days about my homeschooling and homemaking adventures. I’ve decided it’s time for an online makeover of sorts and a dedicated space for the faith-based articles I’ve been writing. For now, will … Continue reading New Beginnings

Sitting Beside You

“It’s positive,” I whispered as loudly as I dared, after running back into the spare bedroom.  I stretched out my hand to show my husband the first positive pregnancy test we had ever seen.   “Really?!” he said. “I don’t even know what compelled me to take one tonight,” I laughed. “But for some reason … Continue reading Sitting Beside You

The Chugging of My Brain Train

I read an interesting blog post this week that a friend shared on Facebook. It was about whether or not everybody experiences the phenomenon of the internal monologue. It seems most people are able to hear the sound of their voice in their heads and, indeed, have silent conversations with themselves. But a smaller percentage … Continue reading The Chugging of My Brain Train