Cozy Keeping

Ahhhh, it's a quiet Saturday evening.  The kids are all tucked in.  PJ is preparing for tomorrow.  And I'm settling in for my weekly alone time.  The best of Handel is playing on the kitchen speaker.  The fake fireplace is glowing.  I just finished a rejuvenating Pilates routine.  And I'm ready to spend some time … Continue reading Cozy Keeping

Get Up and Pray

Does anyone else get excited to start new routines in their spiritual life when a calendar year flips over?  I always look forward to switching things up in my quiet time routine.  I enjoy deciding how to tackle my Bible reading and praying for another twelve months.  Last year I opted to read through the … Continue reading Get Up and Pray

Tidbits from Our Week of Rest

~ I ~ So it's been quiet around here.  This past week was our "sabbath" week.  I just find I can't push us past six solid weeks of school so we took this week off.  The week started out a little rocky with lots of complaints of boredom and the like, but by the end … Continue reading Tidbits from Our Week of Rest