Candy Mountain Academy — wrapping up week 2

The imposing figure of Samuel Johnson keeps popping up in my (and my children’s) reading lives these days.  A few months back I was pre-reading a book assigned for C-Bear’s grade 10 year called A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland by James Boswell.  The book chronicles an excursion from “London to Land’s End” (as Johnson … Continue reading Candy Mountain Academy — wrapping up week 2

Our Father’s World

Have you ever wondered why the Old Testament isn’t more explicit about the afterlife? I’ll admit it’s something that has always confused me. Ideas of heaven and hell seem absent, or vague at best, in the pages of Hebrew scripture. C. S. Lewis in his book Reflections on the Psalms has an interesting thought on … Continue reading Our Father’s World

What’s the Point?

I’m reading the book “Consider This” with a friend right now in preparation for our trip to Ambleside, England, this spring. Its author, Karen Glass, explores the connection between Charlotte Mason’s educational principles and the classical tradition. It’s reminding me that every educational system is rooted in some sort of view of what it means … Continue reading What’s the Point?

Undercover Homeschooler (Our Homeschool Experiment ~ Part 3)

Having concluded our first year of homeschooling, I actually feel like I could unashamedly shout from my rooftop that I homeschool and I love it.  But it wasn't always so!  When we were taking our initial steps down this path, I wished I could homeschool "undercover".  I wished I could somehow keep this whole experiment a … Continue reading Undercover Homeschooler (Our Homeschool Experiment ~ Part 3)