A Thanksgiving Challenge

…give thanks in everything; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

I Thessalonians 5:18 (CSB)

Here’s a little Thanksgiving challenge for you today.  As I was having my quiet time this morning, I came to my prayer list and was inspired to turn those requests into prayers of thanksgiving instead.  It was a beautiful and strengthening time with my Saviour, and I’d encourage you to give it a try.  

Do you pray for your spouse and children everyday?  Bring them before the Father today, thanking Him for the blessing they are.  And get specific!  

Do you pray daily for a particularly sticky situation you’re facing, some sort of challenge you are trying to find your way through in this season?  Instead of pleading for guidance and wisdom today, try thanking God for His sovereignty.  Thank Him that He is going before You, preparing a way even if you can’t see it yet.  

Are you praying for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one?  Thank God for His blessing of comfort.  Jesus told us that “those who mourn” are blessed (Matthew 5:4).  

Are you praying for someone who is far from God, longing to see them come to know Him?  Thank Him today that He isn’t finished writing their story.  Thank Him that He loves them even more than you do.  

Are you praying for someone battling covid right now?  I’ll admit I struggled for a moment when I reached that item on my prayer list, when everything in me just wants covid to be eradicated and life in our world to return to what’s familiar.  But we can still thank God that He is sovereign, that He can even take what is sinister and intended to harm and work it out to bring about unimaginable good.  He is a redeeming God.  He is a God who takes the Devil’s best shots at chaos and ruin and frustrates them, transforms them, into something that ultimately brings us good and Himself glory.  

We have much to thank Him for today!  I guarantee, with a bit of creativity, every single item on your prayer list can be turned into a praise of thanksgiving.  And I also guarantee if you give it a try, your heart will expand as your spirit is lightened to rise in worship!  Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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