A Day Like Today

You know that kind of day. That day where everything between waking up and going to sleep again is a struggle.   The bright afternoon sun is beating on my back.  It’s a sunny, happy day out there, but inside (of me) it’s a different story.  We struggled in math this morning.  We struggled with some bad attitudes. We struggled with a maybe sick, maybe teething toddler.  We struggled (and failed) to get all the school stuff checked off the list…yesterday and today!  I’m struggling with some sort of infection that is inflicting me with the mother of all headaches and the desire to just fall asleep on the spot, any spot, for an indefinite period of time!  Oh, and speaking of a “period” of time, that’s on the horizon too.  As we sat down to eat our lunch of leftovers (amid a chorus of groans and “But I don’t like this!”) I literally burst into tears because it dawned on me that as I was plodding my way through the morning, I had neglected to plan/defrost anything for supper.  

Oh, some days just make us feel like we can’t handle all of this, don’t they?  School and life is hard enough on the days when everyone is healthy and happy and on track.  How do we handle those days when failure and fatigue greet us at every turn?  I know in the grand scheme of things it’s just one day.  Yes, there will be others like it, despite my best efforts at planning and preparing; but I know everyday won’t feel this bleak, this tiresome. We’ve had too many wonderful days in our homeschool to believe a lie like that!  

For now, here I sit in the late afternoon sun, listening to my girls’ squeals of delight as they play outside with the nieghbour kids. Little Mister is sitting beside me, eating his after-nap snack. Today, he’s getting applesauce, a quinoa chocolate chip cookie, a piece of bread and butter, and cheese, cheese, and more cheese. Hey, he might end up a little constipated, but it’s putting a smile on his face…a much welcome change these days! It’s an hour away from supper, and I still have no plan.  But instead of moping about it being one of those Wednesdays that PJ won’t make it home for supper, I think I’ll seize the opportunity for a “snacky” supper and leave it at that.  In three hours time I can slide into a nice hot bath and close the curtains on today and look forward to a new beginning tomorrow – a fresh start and a fresh heart…a heart that will revel in the good moments even more because of having a day like today!   

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