Just Another Saturday Night

It's been a peaceful week around here.  What I thought would be a busy week when looking at my calendar last Sunday has turned out to be a pleasant surprise.  The girls spent a few nights with grandparents and instead of feeling lost and lazy without them around I actually tackled some projects and caught … Continue reading Just Another Saturday Night

Learning to Draw Birds

We did something a bit different for nature study today.  Last week I followed a link (can't even remember where I saw it...maybe on the Ambleside Online forum) to a downloadable nature journaling curriculum from the California Native Plant Society.  Now you might be wondering why on earth someone living on the east coast of … Continue reading Learning to Draw Birds

On Nature Journals and Open Eyes

Our nature study focus for this term is reptiles.  No, this was not of my choosing.  We are following the Ambleside Online rotation.  I don't think I would pick snakes and lizards in a million years if it were up to me! I thought it would be a rather challenging topic since we can't just … Continue reading On Nature Journals and Open Eyes

Our New Nature Nook

Inspired by Celeste, on her blog Joyous Lessons, I set up a little nature tray in our home...a place to display those shells and rocks and feathers and flowers the kids are always bringing home.  I loved how she said looking at her nature tray made her happy.  I had to laugh because usually when … Continue reading Our New Nature Nook