Book of Centuries

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This is printed single sided so the left hand side of each two page spread is left blank for sketching. Print on a nice thick paper so the sketches won’t bleed through and bind into a beautiful book of centuries for your student!

Homeschool Planner Pages

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Post coming soon to explain how I use these sheets in my planning and record keeping!

Weekly Family Calendar 

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This is a great calendar for putting up on the fridge (or some other visible spot) each week.  Keep track of each family member’s appointments.  Make a note of urgent “to do’s” in the Notes section.  There is even a 2017 whole year at a glance calendar.  I designed this for our family of six, but you could easily use any unused columns for that week’s meals, etc. if you don’t have six names to put across the top!  Click here to see a sample week for us.

Book Borrowing/Lending List

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Daily Checklists (for multiple students)

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These pages are for a 4 day schedule, one day per page, with space to enter different subjects for each of three students.  The few lines at the top would be for “circle time” or group subjects covered that day.  I print Days 1 and 2 facing each other as a two-page spread…then the same for Days 3 and 4 on the next facing pages.

Individual Reading Logs

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I keep a very detailed reading log (found in my collection of planner pages download above) for books that we read together as a family for our core subjects like History, Geography, Bible, and so on.  But I find it easier to have a simpler reading log like this one for each child’s individual reading (literature they read for Language Arts and free reads, various books from the library…that sort of thing).  “IR” means it is an “Independent Read”.  “RA” means it was “Read Aloud” to them (this would be literature selections read especially to younger students who are just learning to read).

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