I saw these babies 10 for $1.77 today and couldn’t resist!  

Visions of limeade and key lime pie have been dancing in my head all day.  As supper was cooking, I decided to concoct something special for dessert.  I searched the Internet for some inspiration but couldn’t find the perfect fit of a recipe based on my ingredients.  I knew I wanted something cool and creamy with a cookie type no-bake crust.  I had limes, cream cheese, homemade Greek yogurt…that had to be the beginnings of something yummy!  Here is what I came up with.  (And for those of you who like precise recipes to follow, you’re gonna hate this! 😛)

All the no-bake crusts I could find basically called for some type of cookie or cracker smashed up with sugar and melted butter.  I finally settled on this healthier one as my guide but cut back the size to about 3/4 of the original recipe.

Into my food processor went:

  • 3/4 Cup of pitted dates
  • 1 Cup of unsweetened, shredded coconut
  • Whatever almond flour I had left and a few whole almonds (I honestly didn’t measure this, but there was maybe somewhere between 1/4 – 1/2 Cup…see, I told you you’d hate this.)
  • a splash of my homemade vanilla extract (mmmmm, this stuff is good!)
  • zest and juice of one lime

When the crust was nice and sticky I pressed it into my pie plate and moved on to beating together some kind of filling.  For this, there was no guide.  Just let me say, there was a lot of finger licking taste testing going on.

First, I beat about half a container (maybe 150g or so) of cream cheese with my hand mixer until whipped and then added the following:

  • another splash of that vanilla extract
  • some honey to sweeten (I used one of those twirly whirly honey things so I have no idea how much I put in…maybe 3-4 Tbsp.)
  • zest of two limes 
  • juice of one lime 

I beat all those ingredients together again and then folded in what I had left of my homemade Greek yogurt.  Let me see, maybe a cup or so?  Mmmmm, it was just as I had imagined, and after spreading this creamy filling over my crust, there was a lot more than finger licking going on…I’m talking spoon, spatula, bowl…didn’t want to waste a bit of that stuff!

Then I had a thought.  This “pie” was reminding me of a fruit pizza my Mom and I used to make with a shortbread bottom and a cream cheese layer topped with sliced, fresh fruit.  I just happened to have some beautiful, Island grown strawberries in the fridge that I had picked up at a farm stand today so they became the finishing touch.  The sprinkling over the top is just what was left of the coconut base in the bottom of the food processor.  I scraped it out and sprinkled it on.   

 It was a hit with the kids, and it definitely hit the spot for my key lime craving!  I’ll be keeping this in mind next time I see limes for that price!  

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